Speyer St. George Fountain

World War I Memorial - St. George Fountain

In front of the Alte Muenze stands this fountain, which was erected in 1930 to honour the soldiers that were killed in World War 1 (this inscription is "To our fallen ones for memory, and to ourselves as a constant warning"). It is showing St. George posing over the slain Dragon.

The inscriptions are interesting, the others are "Deutschland muss leben, auch wenn wir sterben müssen" (Germany must live, even if we have to die), "Ich hatt einen Kameraden, einen besseren findst du nicht" (I had a comrade, you won't find a better one), "Deutsche Frauen, Deutsche Treue" (German women (or wifes), German Loyalty). These words are very reminiscing of the Nazi propaganda, therefore the Speyer Town Council has added a plaque saying that these inscriptions are an expression of the spirit of the times then.

The people of Speyer aren't bothered at all by this. In summer the right-winged paroles are covered with bicycles, and in winter the christmas market is built around them. During the latter the fountain plays a pivotal role, since the upper basin is filled with branches of fir, and four big electrical candles are added so that it becomes a giant Advent wreath.

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