Speyer Dreifaltigkeitskirche inside

Dreifaltigkeitskirche inside
Dreifaltigkeitskirche inside

But therefore the inside is much more interesting. The whole interiour is made from wood, and the church is practically in the same state as when it was built. The altar and the organ are richly decorated, and the two galleries give the inside a nice proportioning.

The church is popular for concerts, and the proceeds, which also come from the sale of CD's, are used for the upkeep of the church.

The church was closed in July 2015 because of renovation work. It was reopened on 31st of October 2017 with a church service which was broadcasted live on TV, as this day marks the 300th anniversary of the church christening, and the 500th anniversary of Luther's posting of his 95 thesises in Wittenberg.

But the renovation work is not finished. From January 2018 on the many pictures will be renovated. Therefore it will take some time until the inside of this church can be seen again in its pristine state.